Jewelers workbenches, Kay Jewelers outlet hit by jewelers lawsuit

Jewelers outlets in the country have been hit by a lawsuit by an online jeweller who alleges he was discriminated against for selling jewellery and his shop was closed down because of the lawsuit.

Jewellers work benches, Kay Jewellers outlet (Photo: Kavita Vachar)A jeweller named Karan Bhatkar, who filed the suit on behalf of his wife and their two daughters in an IT court in Mumbai, said he was denied a permit to sell jewellery because he was a “Muslim” and his store had a non-Muslim name.

The lawsuit also alleged that a jeweller shop was shut down on October 31, 2018 after a petition was circulated on the website.

The petition said the shop was illegally selling items of jewellery for less than Rs 5,000 (Rs.

4,000 for the family).

A day later, the jeweller said, he received a call from a representative of the State Government informing him that the store was closed due to a complaint filed by the State government.

The representative told the jewellers he could not sell jewellery for less then Rs 5 lakh due to the jewellery being “against the constitution of India”.

The jeweller said the jewels that were sold were of questionable quality.

“The jewellery is made by a Muslim jeweller in Bangladesh, the seller is also a Muslim.

We had a few pieces of jewellies from India that were of a questionable quality,” he said.

Bhatkar has filed a defamation case against Kay Jewelry, which owns a jewellery shop at Vibhavaram Road in Mumbai.

Kay Jewelry is owned by jewellerer Anirban Bhatkal, who also owns a jewelry shop in Vibhakar Nagar.

The suit was filed on February 23 by a group of prominent businessmen, including M.V. Gautam, the chairman of the Mumbai-based jewellerers association.

Bhathar has claimed that Kay Jewelries “targets” his business, the suit said.

Kay has denied any wrongdoing.

“Kay Jewelries is a non profit organisation.

It was established to create jobs for its employees,” said a spokesperson for Kay Jeweleries.