Kalyan Jewelers is looking to hire a new CEO

Kalya Jewelers, a Malaysian jewelry chain, has launched a new ad campaign and is looking for a new chief executive to help it move its operations forward, according to a report from Engadgate.

Kalyas brand is now owned by the Malaysian government.

The ad campaign, titled Kalyans Story, was launched on Wednesday and the company says it is also looking for talent in the industry.

The company said it is looking forward to a fruitful partnership with Williams.

The company is one of the biggest in the country with over 2,000 stores, and it has a strong presence in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

It said the campaign is intended to promote the brand to customers, which will help it build a sustainable future and achieve its long-term vision.

It is a brand-building campaign aimed at attracting new customers and improving sales.