‘Rrazny’ jewelers lose more than $300 million in ‘Windsor’ jeweler fires

By Dan Levine and David Lohman | ESPN.comWindsors jewelers were left in the lurch after they were sued for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty by a former employee.

In the first class action lawsuit filed in federal court in California, the two former employees alleged that they were duped by the store and that they received nothing in return for their time.

Razny’s former general manager, Eric St. Germain, said the former employees “should be ashamed of themselves.”

St. Germains lawsuit was filed against Razny and two other jewelers in December.

He alleged that the former general managers received payments in the millions of dollars for work they did for Razny, but that he never received the promised work, which was done for free.

St. Germas lawsuit alleged that Razny’s general manager was paid between $150,000 and $250,000 per year, which he said “was not what the store needed.”

St Germains attorney, Steve Bielik, said that St. Germans lawyers “did not expect to win and expect to have an opportunity to vindicate themselves in court.”

The company has not responded to the lawsuit.