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Windingors jewelers is going out of business after its owner, John Mischka, died last week.

He left behind a large, sprawling jewelry store in a neighborhood that is considered the heart of downtown Windsor, and was the jeweler’s best friend, the city’s mayor, Gary King, said.

Mischka opened the jewel store in 1929 with his brother, and it grew from two to more than 200 stores and an assortment of other businesses, including a bank, a bakery and a gas station.

The store was so popular that King was known to walk by it at night.

But in 1992, the shop was shuttered and the brothers sold it to a group of investors.

The brothers and King had planned to renovate the building, but King died in 2006, leaving a legacy of grief for his family.

A few years later, a fire destroyed the remaining two floors, including the shop’s vault.

King was the first to go, and in 2013, he was found dead at the bottom of a stairwell, with his head partially in the snow.

The city, which had seen so many fires in the past decade, was left with an enormous mess of damage.

King’s sister, Dorothy King, was appointed mayor of Windsor.

She said it was her job to make sure the city was protected, and she worked closely with King to find ways to rebuild the jewel shop.

King, who was also a police officer and had lived in Windsor, had died two years earlier at the age of 94.

He was a dedicated and loving man, who had dedicated his life to making his city a better place, Mayor King said.

We have lost an amazing man.

The new owner, Michael Broussard, said that as part of the process, the brothers have agreed to sell all of their remaining properties.

He said he is looking to raise about $300,000 to rebuild.

The Windsor Jewelers is one of Windsor’s oldest and most recognizable stores, King said, adding that he would like to thank the employees and customers who supported the business.