The diamond market has taken a big hit

From the moment I walked into the jewelry department at my son’s school, I was sure I’d be wearing my own brand.

I wasn’t going to buy anything from a chain store, which I assumed had been taken over by jeweller chains, but from a brand I knew was based in my home town of Darwin.

It was one of those things that had been in my mind since I was a child, and it was a very big deal when I was 17.

For a while, it was the only time I’d bought anything from any of the stores that sold me anything I wanted.

And even if I wanted to buy something from the chain stores, I couldn’t afford it. 

Now, it’s a big deal.

According to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in the last five years, the price of diamond jewellery fell by 40 per cent.

That’s because the prices of the diamonds that are mined in Australia have been dropping for years.

The decline is mostly because people are finding cheaper, more environmentally friendly diamonds.

But what happened to the jewellery business is a tale of two halves.

The first half was an industry that was built around high-quality stones, which meant that most of the work was done by skilled people.

But over time, the quality of the stones became so poor that the people that were making those stones were not able to compete with the cheaper alternatives. 

This is where the mining industry started to come into play.

The mines used to mine diamonds, but in the past few decades, many of them have been replaced by other kinds of minerals.

In recent years, Australia’s diamond industry has been hit hard by these changes.

Mining in the country’s east coast was one such area.

But the mining companies are now shifting towards extracting the most environmentally friendly minerals and minerals that are most widely used in the diamond industry.

The shift has affected the industry in Australia, as well. 

The other side of the coin is that the diamonds are being produced in a much more efficient way.

Because mining companies have become more efficient, they are able to extract more diamonds per tonne of stone.

This means that the prices for diamonds are much cheaper.

But because mining companies can extract the cheapest material, they’re also able to use the least amount of energy and produce the highest quality. 

But despite the good news, there are still many people out there who still do not understand the benefits of using recycled material. 

As a result, some people are buying recycled diamonds from online sellers.

But if they don’t understand how to properly use them, they can cause damage.

This is where a brand called Sona Jewelers comes in.

 Sona is a new company that focuses on the recycling of diamonds.

The company started with a few recycled gems in its store and now it has grown to more than 10,000 items.

It now has over 200 outlets across Australia.

Sona says it uses a combination of recyclable materials and recycled materials. 

I decided to start with a recycled diamond. 

Sonas store in Darwin.

Source Sona |  |Sona Jeweler, Australia