Amazon’s new ‘Sling TV’ streaming box goes on sale in Australia

Amazon has just released its latest TV streaming box, the Sling TV.

The Sling, which costs $70, is essentially a cheap Amazon Prime video subscription box.

It’s a bit like Roku or Apple TV, but with a lot more bells and whistles.

Read more Amazon has a new TV streaming TV box called the Sled TV.

It will be available in Australia for $70 and in the US for $35.

The Amazon Prime TV box, which has been available in the UK, Europe, and Australia, has been on sale since June 10.

The box is designed for people who want to watch movies, TV shows, and other content with no subscription or cable or satellite TV.

You can also stream the content on the Slee TV without any of your devices.

Sling TVs are now available in US, UK, France, and Germany.

If you’re looking to get your feet wet with the Amazon Prime service, the box comes with an Amazon Alexa app.

If your internet connection is slow or not as fast as it should be, you can connect to the Sliced TV via a USB cable.

You’ll also need a 3.5mm audio jack, a microSD card, and a few other small bits.

There’s no built-in remote.

There are two HDMI ports and two audio inputs.

If the box’s not big enough for you, you’ll have to get a new HDMI cable.

The front of the Sleeping Giants SledTV looks pretty good, too.

You get a black plastic casing, a metal back panel, and some black buttons and a small speaker.

It’ll only last about two days of streaming content, but that’s about all you’ll need.

The screen is also pretty good for a streaming box.

The HDMI port supports 4K video, but not HDR.

The USB port supports the same kind of content as the HDMI port, and you can add an external hard drive or SD card reader for added storage.

The back of the box looks like it’s been a bit modified over the last few years.

There isn’t a whole lot to the back of it.

It just looks like a normal box, but there are a few new buttons.

The speaker and remote buttons are the only ones I can find.

They’re pretty large and are fairly easy to press.

The bottom of the casing has some vents.

It also has a power button, USB port, two USB-C ports, and one HDMI port.

There is no headphone jack, but you’ll get a USB-A port and headphone out jack.

The power button is located on the bottom of a small rubber strip.

Amazon recommends that you use a 3G or 4G LTE network to get high-speed data, and if you don’t, you should consider a cheaper prepaid plan like GoPhone.

Sled TVs are not a great way to stream content if you’re not using a 4K TV.

They do have some good apps and support some basic apps, like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

If there’s a 4k TV that you want to try out, Amazon is also making an app for you.

You won’t have to pay for it, but if you have a 4G-only phone and internet, you could try out Sledtv on your phone or tablet.

The company also recently added some features like streaming to the Amazon Alexa, which will stream to the TV using your Amazon Echo.

The device supports voice control, but it won’t be able to play your favorite songs, movies, or TV shows.

Amazon’s Sling service will cost $70 per year, so if you want a decent streaming box to watch TV with, you’re probably better off with a cheaper streaming device.

Amazon SlingTV is now available for pre-order on and

You have until February 26 to pre-register for the box.

Amazon also has plans to release an Amazon Echo Dot TV box later this year.