How to avoid being the first person to say, ‘I love you’ in Irish

A lot of people are born with this expression, but it’s a very powerful expression, and the way it’s used is so different to how we use it in America.

When we use the expression in America, it’s like, ‘Let’s do it this way.’

Here, it means, ‘Oh, you’re beautiful.’

It’s a much more intimate way to express your feelings, it really does.

But what I like about Irish people is they’re incredibly open to new experiences.

We’re not afraid to try something new, and so we’re able to see the beauty of it.

I love that about Irish culture.

When you say, you know, ‘My wife and I love you,’ that’s a really powerful expression.

And that’s what makes me feel so special.

It’s not just, ‘This is going to be our home forever.’

You’ve got to take it to the next level and say, “You’re so special, and you’ve got this incredible gift to me.”

So I love how this expression has become a part of our culture.