Jewelers in Canada report record sales, profit and earnings growth

Google News Canada has been reporting on jewelers in the Canadian provinces, and the sales and earnings numbers have been impressive.

The numbers have continued to grow for several months now.

Here is a look at the numbers from jewelers:Sales: $9.1 million (from the last quarter) and growing (from $8.9 million in 2017).

Sales in Ontario increased 7.3% to $15.9m.

Sales in Quebec increased 12.6% to about $12.3m.

The sales in Manitoba and Alberta increased 9.5% to approximately $11.7m and $11m respectively.

Sales increased in the Northwest Territories.

Sales went up in Nunavut.

Sales decreased in British Columbia.

Sales were up in Ontario and Alberta.

Sales dropped in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Sales declined in Nova Scotia.

Sales rose in Prince Edward Island.

Sales are up in the Yukon.

Sales fell in Nunawas territory.

Sales continued to rise in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sales also continued to increase in the Pacific Northwest.

Sales growth in the Americas was driven by strong growth in sales in the United States.

Sales for the three months ended March 31, 2018 increased by 15.3%.

Sales for the year ended March 30, 2018 were $22.2 billion.

Sales for 2021 were expected to be $42.5 billion.