William Smith: I’m excited to bring a new style to the Crown Jewelers brand

Will Smith is a long-time fan of Crown Jewelry, so when he saw an opportunity to bring an updated look to the company he jumped at the chance.

He recently told us that he’s excited to introduce a new, more contemporary style to Crown Jewelries. 

“I’ve been working on the new brand,” Smith said in a recent interview.

“It’s been a year, two years, so it’s been kind of a slow process.

But I think that I think this is a new era, a new kind of look.”

We’re looking forward to seeing what they bring to the brand.

Smith, who has been a loyal customer of the company since its inception in 1968, told us he’s always been impressed by the work of his predecessors, including his brother Willie.

“I have a huge amount of respect for the guys that I’ve worked with,” he said.

“They’ve always been really good, and they’ve always put in the work, and I just think it’s really exciting to see them bring something new.”

It’s worth noting that the new look will not be exclusive to the stores, and it will be available on Amazon and at some retail locations.

The only retail locations to be revealed so far are Target, Macy’s, Sears, Wal-Mart, and Kohl’s.

In addition, there will be a limited-edition limited edition of 50 Crown Jeweleries Signature Series shoes and a limited edition limited-release of 25 Crown Jeweliers Signature Series men’s shoes.