How to be a gem store owner in Kerala

A diamond and jewellery shop is an investment, not a job.

It takes a lifetime of hard work and a lot of patience.

Here are the essentials for anyone wanting to be the next diamond and gem store boss.


Make sure you have a network of people with a background in the industry.

A well-established business will attract the best people.

It can also attract a lot more qualified people.

There is no substitute for network.


If you’re going to be an owner, you need to have a good relationship with the community.

It is also important to establish a social media presence.


Be an individualistic person.

Be loyal to your beliefs.

Do not feel compelled to be part of any group.


Know your audience.

The people who go to your jewellery store do not all have a diamond and gold collection.

They all want the same thing: to be able to purchase jewellery, whether they’re buying it from a jeweller or a dealer.

It’s about being able to be your own boss.


Always make sure you offer your customers the best deals.

Do you need a certain size of ring?

How much do you charge for that?

Are you charging the right price for a particular colour?

A well thought out offer can attract a customer who may otherwise leave the store.


Be open about the size of your staff.

There are no hard and fast rules about the number of employees needed to serve your customers.

You need to find the best way to accommodate all of your customers and staff members.

The bigger the staff, the better.


Always look after your environment.

There should be a certain level of respect for your employees and the environment they work in. 8.

Ensure that you have good relationships with the people who sell your products.

This will allow you to have better relationships with your customers, and keep your business growing.


Never compromise on your customer service.

Make the right customer service choices at all times.


If it comes to it, you’ll never be able be a good boss.

It will be all about your people, not about your diamonds.


Be willing to work harder.

Don’t settle for lower wages and poor conditions.

Don.t settle for less.

Make it your mission to make sure your customers get what they want.


Never give up on your dream of owning a diamond shop.

You will never be satisfied with what you have achieved.

You must keep on striving to be more than just a gem shop.