Who is the new leader of the Israel Defence Forces?

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is gearing up to take on the US in a series of war games, the first of which is being held on the border between Israel and Jordan, the country with the second largest Arab population in the world. 

According to the US, the exercises are a rehearsal for a possible conflict with Iran and that they are being carried out to prepare the military for an eventual war. 

US President Donald Trump’s administration is reportedly worried about what it believes is Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East. 

On Monday, the Israeli government declared that the first exercise would be held on November 15, with the aim of deterring Iran from building a nuclear weapon and preventing it from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability. 

The IDF is also expected to use the exercise to develop weapons systems. 

Israeli officials say the exercise is designed to prepare Israel for a war with Iran. 

 It comes just two weeks after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Last month, a number of countries including the US and Saudi Arabia said they were concerned about Iran’s nuclear program and urged Tehran to abandon its ambitions. 

In January, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain announced they were withdrawing their ambassadors from Tehran, which they say are “direct threats” to regional security.