How to Buy and Sell Jewelry in Japan

Posted February 11, 2018 05:29:17When you want to buy jewelry or wear jewelry, you must understand that there are various requirements.

Here is a brief summary of the Japanese laws regarding the sale of jewelry.1.

Japanese laws require that jewelry purchased in Japan must be of Japanese origin.2.

Jewelry purchased must be in Japanese style and the price must be less than $50.3.

There is no restriction on the number of pieces you may purchase.4.

You may sell jewelry at your own home or at a Japanese jewelry shop.5.

You must obtain a Japanese driver’s license and have a valid Japanese ID card.6.

It is illegal to import or export jewelry to Japan without a permit.7.

You are required to have a permit for jewelry purchases.8.

Jewelers are required by law to provide a valid receipt for all purchases.9.

The seller is required to notify you if the item you are buying is in fact not in Japanese quality.10.

The purchase must be for a fixed term.11.

The buyer must notify you of any defects in the merchandise.12.

The item must be shipped within 10 days of receipt.13.

If the seller does not provide the proper documents, the seller may not be able to deliver the item.14.

The goods must be returned within 7 days of purchase.15.

The merchandise must be exchanged for another item within 10 business days of the date of sale.16.

There are no special restrictions for Japanese people buying jewelry in the United States.17.

You cannot buy or sell jewelry outside of Japan unless you have a Japanese passport or an international business license.18.

There may be some restrictions on buying or selling jewelry in Japan.19.

Jeweler’s licenses are required for all transactions in Japan except for the purchase of jewelry and the sale and exchange of jewelry in certain cases.20.

You can buy and sell jewelry in Japanese and foreign currencies.21.

There can be some penalties for breaking the law, but there are no fines.22.

You should keep in mind that the Japanese government may be able the to collect and confiscate any items that you purchase in Japan without you even knowing about it.