How to use a jewel tone for your next fashion project

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Oct. 22, 2017) – In the past year, a handful of jewel tones have been added to our jewelry wardrobe, from black and red to pink and blue, and the trend has caught the eye of fashion designers.

The new range of jewel tone colorways offers a wide range of options and tones from all the popular colors, and even the more neutral colors like pink and purple.

Here’s what you need to know about each jewel tone.

Jewel tone colors are available in the same ranges and prices as a full-color palette, but the colors vary in tone.

Some jewel tones offer a range of colors, while others are designed to match the colors in a single look.

Jewel tones are often paired with other colors in the palette, so they’re a great way to spice up a collection or create a bold and creative palette.

Jeweltone colors range from a neutral brown to a deep purple.

Jewel Tone Colors: Brown, Orange, Light Purple, Red, Gold, Black, Gold Platinum, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver are the main types of jeweltone available.

They’re available in three colors, a deep red, a soft orange, and a vibrant green.

You can also purchase a deeper red or orange tone with gold or platinum.

Most jewel tones come in a range from light pink to deep orange, while the more muted shades can range from white to pink.

Some colors are also available in a light yellow or pink, or as a light gray.

Jeweltones are available for both women’s and men’s jewelry.

Women’s jewel tones can be used with a single or mixed-use palette, while men’s jeweltones can be paired with a range or a single-use color palette.

You’ll also find a range for men’s and women’s jewelry for women.

Most of the styles have one or more colors in common.

For example, pink and deep pink tones look great on men’s dresses, but they’re equally attractive paired with bright, yellow, or pink blouses.

The most common types of jewelry that are available are sterling silver, gold, and platinum.

You might also see other styles of jewelry in these colors, such as pearl and white, pearls and gold, or emerald and yellow.

Jewel color palettes are not just limited to the basics: Some styles also include more subtle or bolder tones that add a touch of sparkle to a piece.

For instance, a vibrant blue-green color palette can be worn with a black-gold or platinum necklace.

Jewel colors are a good option if you need a bold color, or you want to add some sparkle in your everyday wardrobe.

If you want more of a subtle color or two, consider a burgundy or blue tone.

Another way to add a little sparkle is with a rose gold, emerald, or a deep pink.

Jewel Color Palettes: Pink, Purple, Pink, Red and Black are the most popular jewel tones available in our jewelry palettes.

The colors can be applied to almost any piece of jewelry, and you can mix and match colors.

A wide range is available in different shades, from a light purple to a rich black.

Pink and red tones have a muted look, while a deeper pink tone is usually reserved for a white or pink jewelry.

There are also neutral, light blue, blue-yellow, and yellow-red tones.

Red is usually used to create a sparkle, and blue-gold is usually a neutral tone that complements a blue jewelry piece.

Jewel palettes can also be combined with a mixed-color-pink, gold-purple, or blue-gray palette.

There’s a wide variety of colors in these palettes, and it can be a good idea to use them if you want a different look, such in a jewelry box, on a bracelet, or in your wedding dress.

Some of the colors are light pink, but others are lighter or dark pink.

A few jewel palettes have a variety of shades of green and black, but all of them are available.

Jewelpalettes are usually applied to the same jewelry piece, and are usually available in multiple colors.

For the most part, jewelry palies are designed with a wide selection of colors.

They come in shades from white, light gray, black, and white.

The palettes range from simple to bold and can even have a range that is just for a specific piece of art.

Jewel Palettes are available from a variety.

Most palettes offer both a single and a mixed palette.

A single palette has just the same colors and shades as a single color palette, and includes one or two colors that are complementary.

Some palettes also include a range in which they combine the two palettes into one.

A mixed palette has a range and color combination that is complementary to the palette it’s in.

A mix palette can also have a combination of shades in a palette. Some