How Norwegian jewel’s ‘Distant Horizons’ won a prestigious award

Norway’s jewel maker JewelQuest has won the prestigious prestigious award for best new release at the 2018 World Jewellers International (WJI) Awards in Zurich.

The award is given annually to best new album, album of the year, new single and album of a new generation.

The WJI Awards were held at the Zurich Hotel on Sunday night and took place on a specially-designed stage for the occasion. 

The Norwegian jewellery giant has now secured the title of Best New Artist, beating out a host of other winners including Naughty By Nature, Darkside, SELF, The Shins, Black Moth Super Rainbow and many more. 

It’s not the first time that JewelQuest is the winner of the prestigious award, which is bestowed annually on Norwegian artists who have released their first album since the year 2000. 

For a look at all the best Norwegian albums, listen to the video above and then scroll down to read our review of Darksider.

JewelQuest’s Darksiders album, Drowning Pool, has been nominated for the award four times, with two wins. 

“We’re very proud of our work and I can’t wait to show it to you,” said Jens Bjørnson, JewelQuest’s Head of Production. 

Darksiders is a beautiful album, which will be released as a double LP in November, with a vinyl reissue to follow in late 2020. 

Its production, which was also nominated for an award, will be featured on the WJIs new vinyl release, titled Das Beitrag  of Darksides. 

A full-length, The Darksided is also in the works. 

While Danish jewel designer Kjeld Sveinberg has designed the album, the band have a different concept for the album than the album that was recently released. 

With the Darksidens album, they will take the concept of the album to a whole new level. 

Instead of just being a song, it will also have a video and it will feature a new artwork and song title. 

There will be two songs on the album; The Darkest and the Most Beautiful. 

 “I think this album is a new beginning for Darksiding, and we are just the beginning,” Sveinenberg said. 

This is not the band’s first time at the WJs awards, but they are not just one of the artists nominated for this award. 

In 2014, Norwegian rock band Mötley Crüe won a gold award.

In 2014 there was a new album for Naughty By Name, and this time, the new album will feature collaborations with artists like Paramore, SZA, and Fleet Foxes. 

They have also been nominated previously for Best Alternative Album. 

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