Eilen Jewell – the ultimate guide to the best of the best in golf

The best and brightest of the sport will be taking the course this week at Eilens jewels, including Eilenberg, where Eilberg Golf is located. 

The course is the latest course to be built at the golf course in Eilenburg, which is also the home of Eilening Golf. 

Eilenberg has been the home to golf since 1933. 

There are now six courses at Einberg, which includes a five-hole, par-three, two-hole and three-hole course. 

More: The golf course at Eiland, the world’s best golf course, has been voted as the best golf in Europe by Golf Magazine, Golf.com and Golf.co.uk. 

It is one of the most prestigious courses in Europe, with the courses rated number 1 in Europe and the world in terms of world class golf facilities. 

 Eiland Golf is a golf course with a range of options for players of all levels. 

“The course has a range for everyone, from beginners to players with more experience and who have been working on their game for a long time,” said Eilberts golf director, Simon Gild. 

For more information on Eiland Golf visit the Eiland golf website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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