When the butt plug arrives in the UK

The UK is expected to see the first of a series of plug-in cars arrive in the next couple of months, with the plug-ins expected to be cheaper and more reliable than those currently on sale.

The Plug-In America has said it expects to sell 500,000 plug-IN vehicles in its first year, compared to a projected 1.4 million for a Tesla Model S and 1.2 million for an expected Chevy Volt plug-inc.

According to Plug-Ins America, the first plug-out models will arrive in 2020.

The plug-drive car company’s plug-i car, which it says is “the most powerful, most powerful plug-and-play electric vehicle on the market today”, is due to arrive in 2019.

In its introduction, the company said the plug in’s “magic” charging circuit could be extended to 90 minutes of driving, but this proved to be just a bit over four hours.

Plug-in car industry watchers say the technology could help push electric cars into the mainstream by allowing people to drive long distances without having to charge the vehicle every time.

“There are some people who are in their twenties who may not like driving, and want a plug-driver in their life, who may actually prefer that, and that’s what Plug-in America is trying to offer,” said Mark Bosch, who is the president of Plug-ins America.

With its plug-up vehicles, the plug and play industry has been working hard to move away from plug-years to plug-hours, and the latest development in that direction is expected this year.

Tesla has also been testing a plug and drive version of its Model S, which is expected next year.

Tesla has been in talks with automakers to bring the technology to the US, and has indicated that the Model S plug-into will be cheaper than a conventional vehicle.

Electric vehicles have also been gaining popularity in other parts of the world, including China and India, and have been the most popular form of transportation in those countries, despite the fact that their range is limited by the amount of electricity they produce.

Although the plug plug has been around for some time, the industry is finally making the move to plug in, and it looks like plug-heads everywhere are enjoying the benefits.

Source: BBC News via BBC News