How to create your own jewelry definition

KARAKHOSCO is a brand new jewellery application developed by jewellery designers KARA.KARAKHO has been created by jewelleries for jewellies to allow people to create their own jewellery definition.

Key points:KARA jewellier Tom Linder has created an app that will allow jewelliers to create a definition for jewellery that’s both affordable and recognisable.

The app will allow the jeweller to create an image of the jewellery in a new style and add it to a jewellery database.

If a customer does not want to make the change, they can simply leave the definition in place.

The result is an affordable way for customers to create jewellery definitions for themselves.

“I think it’s a really cool app, it’s really easy to use,” Linder said.

“And there’s no upfront costs.

It’s free.”

Linder’s app will work with the jeweller’s own digital tools, like their website, to create the jewelled item.

“The beauty of this is that it’s the same style, the same shape, the exact same colour,” he said.

Linder said he thought it would be really useful to allow customers to choose a different definition for each item, so he created the app to do just that.

The application allows the jewelier to add the definition to their website or to their digital shop.

Once a user is done creating their definition, they will be able to upload their image to the database and it will be added to the application.

“This is all just a quick and dirty way to make sure you’re on the right path,” Lister said.

Kara Jewellers will roll out the app nationwide over the next two months.

The startup was created by three former fashion designers and jewellerers who decided to focus on making affordable jewellery.

“Our goal was to be an affordable jeweller, so it’s not just about the money, it is about the people,” said KARALA co-founder and CEO Tom Lister.KARA has developed a new jeweller app called KARATOMS that allows the user to create his or her own jewelled product.

The aim is to provide affordable and recognizable jewellery to everyone, with a focus on women’s jewelry.

“We’re not just making affordable jewelry,” Linders said.

There’s a lot of art there. “

If you want to know what I mean, go to a boutique.

There’s a lot of art there.

What we’re doing is we’re making it accessible for people.”

The app uses an existing system that allows people to register for an account and create their jewellery, Linder explained.

“When you click that, the app will automatically add your definition and the image you choose,” he added.

“It will tell you if it’s available on the website and if it doesn’t.”

Linders said he had been working on KARASO since the launch of the app in January, but the company has had no funding for months.

“For a while we’ve been struggling to get our first funding,” he explained.

“Then we’ve had some really big funding, but we haven’t had that much in the last six months.”KARASHO is available in Apple app stores, Google Play, Windows Store, Android, and Blackberry devices.