Which is more expensive: $500,000 or $500k?

Richard Jewell is a real estate broker and owner of an jewelry store in Houston, Texas.

He has been married to Sharon Jewell for 11 years.

They have two children.

Sharon Jewell, who works as a secretary, says her husband has always made the best choices for them and their kids.

“We always wanted to go to the top,” she said.

The couple’s $500 million wedding has been widely covered on the Internet.

But the real estate business is something else, and they don’t want the spotlight to detract from their day-to-day lives.

Jewell and Sharon have always been involved in local businesses, said her husband, who lives in Houston.

They recently opened a new business in Dallas called Richards Jewelers.

It is located at a former grocery store that has been turned into a gallery for jewelry and accessories.

They say they want to continue their family business, and have been selling jewelry to other jewelry stores for a couple of years.

Jewell said they have never felt pressured into making a sale because of their wealth.

We always have the opportunity to make something better, and we want to do that,” she told Newsweek.

As the wedding date nears, the couple is preparing for the final touches on their stunning venue.

It includes a grand staircase that overlooks the city, and a huge glass roof that overlook is the Houston Zoo.

It is the second of two weddings this year.

The wedding to Sharon was a big deal.

She said she was overwhelmed with the love and support of the wedding guests and even got a surprise phone call from her husband to tell him she had been married.

There are about 2,000 guests at the wedding, she said, which is a lot.

I don’t think there’s a couple that would rather be together than be apart.

What makes the event special, she added, is that the groom and the bridegroom were in attendance at the event.

And she and Sharon are in the process of getting married, but they’re just getting started.

She and her husband said they plan to spend most of their time at their new home in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas, before moving into a bigger house next door.

At first they plan on living together, but now they plan more in the style of their parents and siblings, said Sharon.

Jewett said she and her wife also have a small business they will soon be selling jewelry.

She hopes that will make their new venture more popular, especially since it will include their children.