What a gem of a jewel!

It’s a rarity to see a jewel like this on display, as it’s usually a rarity in jewelry, said Elizabeth J. Brown, the owner of the jeweler’s shop.

Brown said that when she bought the gem, it was only $100.

But when she took it home, it took over $600.

Brown said she was initially worried about the condition of the gem but said she soon realized it wasn’t in poor condition.

She said the gem is in perfect condition.

The jeweler said she is not sure why the jewel had been damaged.

She did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

She added that it is not uncommon for jewelers to take on new jobs.

It’s not uncommon to find new jewelry, and they tend to be the best jewelers, Brown said.

“I have had a couple jewelers take on this job,” Brown said, “and it’s just amazing.

It just blew my mind.”

Brown said that she had to do some research to learn more about the stone.

She bought the diamond from a dealer and asked the seller if the stone was still in use, and the seller told her yes.

Brown is planning to sell it at auction.

Brown hopes to keep it in her home.

She doesn’t want to sell to the public.