How to buy jewellery in India

India is one of the world’s largest markets for luxury jewelry, but the country also has a shortage of affordable luxury jewellery.

One of the main reasons is the cost of raw materials.

“Raw materials are cheap and they’re used to make jewellery and it’s cheaper than making jewelry in a factory,” said Rajan Singh, chief executive officer at Kay Jewelers, a Mumbai-based luxury jeweller.

Singh says his company has made a lot of strides in its sourcing of jewellery for its customers in India.

The company has invested in two factories in Mumbai and Bengaluru to source materials for its jewellery, and it has opened two retail outlets in India in partnership with Indian luxury brands such as Chanel and Zara.

Kay Jeweler is also looking to expand into India’s other lucrative market, fashion.

“In India, we have a huge fashion industry and we have an amazing opportunity for our customers,” Singh said.