How much money is lost in jewelry sales?

A jewelry retailer has sued the federal government for allegedly misleading the public about its financials.

Jewellers mutual announced in a lawsuit Tuesday that it has filed a lawsuit in federal court in the Eastern District of Virginia.

It alleges that the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection failed to protect consumers from false or misleading statements made by retailers and dealers, as well as its own marketing materials, about the financial health of the industry.

In a statement, the Bureau’s Consumer Financial Bureau said it would respond to the lawsuit “at the earliest opportunity.”

The agency did not respond to questions about the suit.

Jewelers said it received a complaint from the Consumer Financial Fraud Enforcement Network in September 2015, after the bureau launched an investigation into the retail industry.

The complaint seeks an order barring the Bureau from misleading consumers about the health of its investigation into retail companies.

In its complaint, Jewelers accuses the bureau of misleading consumers with its claims about its investigations, as the bureau’s own data shows that the agency’s probes into the industry have cost retailers millions of dollars.

It also claims that the bureau failed to provide its own financials to retailers and other third parties.

The bureau, in its complaint to the court, says that Jewelers’ financials were “not released to the public, as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.”

It adds that the report was “deliberately withheld from the public.”

The bureau said in a statement that its financial disclosures are publicly available to its clients.