New Kameswary jeweller to launch sale of new goods

Kameswinery has announced that it will launch a sales sale of some of its jewellery.

The sale, which is not expected to commence until January 2017, will focus on high-quality jewellery at competitive prices.

The new Kameswais, whose owners are known for their quality and high prices, will be offering its customers a new range of jewellery from the first batch of Kameswanis to the latest designs.

Kameswars jewelleries are known to be among the most trusted brands in the country and are the oldest in the business.

The Kameswaris will be selling their new jewellery in a special display section at the Kameswalies jewellier at the Pannavaram Road in Kandy.

Kameswatwalies has been serving Kameswalkaras customers for over 70 years and is one of the oldest jewellists in the city.

The jewellery will be offered for sale on the same day as the auction, but will be available only in the store at a higher price.

The auction is scheduled to start at 10am on January 5 and will continue till 2pm.