Jared Osco: Jewelers magnified glass is ‘pretty good’

JERUSALEM — Jared Oscover is no stranger to the jewelry business.

But, he’s not one to say his job was easy.

The 47-year-old jeweler has been at the helm of his own jewelry empire since 2012, when he was hired as the first full-time jeweler in the country.

He’s made his mark on the industry by creating jewelers that offer quality and value, but he’s also taken the industry in a new direction with new technologies and a focus on customer service.

“It’s pretty good,” Osco told ABC News’ “Nightline.”

“It’s really a new business, but I feel like it’s really my baby.

And I’m going to continue to build on the legacy of this company.”

As the jeweler, Osco is the third-most successful of all the Jewelers of Israel.

His sales have skyrocketed from $40 million in 2013 to more than $200 million in 2015.

He has seen the company become a force in the industry, even with the recent recession.

But for now, the company is looking to turn the tide.

“We’ve been very lucky,” Oscover said.

“We’ve had an opportunity to create a great reputation, and I think it’s going to keep me going for the foreseeable future.”

For now, Oscover wants to keep his eye on the future.

He and his wife, a jewelry artist, have been planning for their first child.

He said he would be happy to help them with any of their other childcare needs, but that he wants to focus on their newborn.

“He’s got a really good personality and a really nice wife and daughter,” he said.

As the Jeweler of Israel, Oscox is responsible for the largest and most prestigious collection of gems and jewellery in the world.

In addition to his crown jewel collection, the Oscos own several other jewels and jewelry chains, including Jewel Shepards Jewelers, Jewel Osco Jewelers and Jewel Oscover Jewelers.

He said his job has made him an ambassador for the industry and is a way for him to spread his brand of high-quality, well-made jewelry.

“When I look at my portfolio and I see the diamonds, I’m thinking, ‘Wow, what a nice jewelry collection,'” he said, adding that he loves to work with his employees.

“It is what it is.

I’ve just got to keep going.”

In his time at the company, Oscoat has become a mentor to the younger employees, teaching them everything he knows about the industry.

He says he has a special connection with his young staff.

“I really want them to be like me, and to see how I’ve done it,” he explained.

“I just want them, every single one of them, to be just like me.”

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