The man who created the world’s most famous tattoo artist’s image is alive and well

A man who went by the name of Steve Smith is alive after being found alive by a friend who found him unconscious in the street in Melbourne’s west.

The man, who goes by the pseudonym of Steve, has a large tattoo on his arm and a tattoo of a man’s face.

“I was really sad to find him alive, but I was also a bit happy that he was still here,” said friend Tom D’Arcy.

“The guy is a very nice guy, very intelligent, very funny, and I just thought he’d be really interesting to talk to.”

A man wearing a mask walks past the body of a woman in Melbourne.

Source: Supplied A friend who knew the man found him when he saw a man who looked like Steve in a pub in the CBD on March 26.

He was wearing a black hoodie with a white skull mask.

“He had no identification, he was just wandering around the street, just walking, nothing out of the ordinary,” Mr D’Abbey said.

“And I think he had a tattoo on there, I don’t know if it was his face or his arm or whatever, and he was quite obviously distressed.”

Mr D’tard said he was “shocked and confused” by the discovery.

“But the way he was walking and what he was doing really surprised me,” he said.

He said the man looked “completely normal” and didn’t seem to be a “gangster”.

“He was quite normal, very polite, but he was definitely a gangster,” Mr Maughan said.

Mr D’dard said the tattoo on Steve’s arm “was the only one I had ever seen on anybody”.

“And he was a pretty normal looking guy,” he added.

“There’s no indication that he had any criminal record, but it does seem like there is some sort of connection.”

The man was found unconscious by a group of friends on the street on March 28.

Mr Moughan said he had been “shattered” by Steve’s death.

“This was an unexpected and tragic loss,” he told AAP.

“To be the only known surviving member of the Smith family is something I cannot begin to explain.

I am so devastated.”

A spokesman for the Melbourne Police Department said they had been contacted by the family and were in touch with them.

“We are investigating and we will be sharing any information that leads to a full and speedy resolution to this,” a police spokeswoman said.